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Eton Fives weekends and holidays in provence


Eton Fives is simply the best ball game in the world. It is a form of handball in a court which has various irregularities which adds variety and unpredictability to how the ball will bounce off the walls. Both hands are used to strike a small ball. Specially padded leather gloves are used. It is a game where skill counts for more than strength or fitness and one that exercises all four limbs. It is huge fun and can develop your reflexes, co-ordination, and balance and is likely to improve your performance at most other games you may play but especially in cricket, hockey, squash, and tennis. The main sound of full fives courts is one of laughter. Anyone between the ages of 11 and 70 who is reasonably fit can play.


We run weekends for both experienced and new players but are especially interested in welcoming beginners into this ancient but fascinating sport. If you can get together a party of 5 players or more (preferably 9 – 10) we would be delighted to provide coaching to get you started. As a taster a long weekend should suffice but anyone with reasonable hand-eye coordination would be playing modest fives or better at the end of a week. We would recommend almost any time of the year except July and August when it is usually too hot. Best are April, May, September and October.


It is one of the few games where men and women can play together on equal terms and 20% of adult fives in the UK is now played by women. Once back in the UK we may be able to put you in touch with local clubs where you can continue playing (if you live in a triangle bounded by N Wales, Dorset, and Kent).


Examples of the game can be found on You Tube.