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Local Information

Grillon is a small agricultural village situated in the Rhone valley. It is part of the distinct Enclave des Papes, which consists of 4 villages; Visan, Grillon, Richeranches and Valreas.  This is administratively a unique area in France. It is a geographic bubble sitting on the northern area of the Vaucluse, Provence, surrounded by the Drome. It is an historical anachronism left over from the French Revolution. The area was once owned by the Pope in Avignon, and favoured for its silk manufacture. Then after the French revolution the locals decided that they still wanted to be part of Provence rather than join their neighbours in the administrative area of the Drome, and so it still is today.

The population of the village is about 1800 people, many of whom are involved in the business of making wine and its supporting industries. 

The village has a lively active community with local shops, a tabac and bars, an art gallery and its own small market. In fact it is perfectly possible to spend all your holiday in La Croisette in Grillon, without using your car at all. If you are willing to try out your French, we have always found the locals to be very friendly and helpful, and happy to see visitors to the village. During the summer months there are a number festivals and music events in the village.  Outside the normal working hours and out of season the village is quiet and traffic flows are very slow although all the shops and bars remain open even during the winter months.

Architecturally there are a number of interesting features in the village, and a quiet walk around the village ramparts or cycle through the surrounding vineyards is definitely recommended.